SayAh builds a collection of reliable, verified patient reviews, published in real-time at the clinic’s option to the searchable SayAh Landing Pages of the provider, clinic and healthcare organization. With monitoring of the search engine algorithms by SayAh and continued data input of surveys by our customers, access to each SayAh
Landing Page should be at or near the top of the first page on most search engines effectively combating the negative impact of unreliable, anonymous online reviews.

Attracting and retaining patient’s today means going beyond traditional referrals, word-of-mouth and network marketing programs.

80% of prospective patients

now research physicians on the web


51% make an appointment

within a week after searching


37% of the visitors to a doctor's review pages on the web leave without making any contact with that doctor

On average, 2.4 of a doctor's 3,000 or more patients determine their web reputation. One third of the reviews are unfavorable. A critical online reputation is being determined by a miniscule number of reviews that may not even be from a doctor’s patients. SayAh changes that.

Hundreds of satisified patient reviews will let your prospective patients find you on page 1 of a Google search and in the Google Answer Box. Being in the Answer Box doubles your exposure and makes contacting you quite easy.

“Who you are online is what you are to most consumers and other physicians.”  Eighty percent (80%) of new patient volume screened their doctors on line in 2011. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of all patients research the web for health matters and forty-seven percent (47%) look up their providers. Of those, 51% make an appointment within one week after searching the web. The average physician has 2.4 reviews on the most popular web based physician review sites – less than 1/10 of 1% of their patient base. One of three web-based reviews is not favorable. There are consultants -- some large and some small -- that gather surveys, analyze them and make recommendations. They have two things in common -- stale data and huge bills. The solutions offered generally involve trying to manipulate the existing physician rating sites which can often be counterproductive, ineffective and expensive. Our clients may need these consultants for other reasons. If so, using the better data provided by SayAh reviews will hold down that cost.

Until the development of SayAh, the market did not have effective tools to rapidly address the situations and issues described in the previous two paragraphs. The market needs solutions.