Patient experiences are being shared across a broad and increasingly attentive audience through social media and the internet. Achieving, maintaining and broadcasting a high level of patient satisfaction is a must. SayAh is designed to be the most effective and user-friendly resource available for proactively building and managing a healthcare provider’s reputation. It is built to address the needs of virtually all providers who want to understand better the needs of their patients, address those needs and correctly reflect their reputations on the web.

Over 80% of prospective patients

visit a review site for a provider before making a decision. One-out-of-three reviews

on those sites is negative. The average provider has over 400 visits to a review site annually.

Of those, 51% make an appointment within one week;

37% (statistically 148) leave and do not return.

. . . . . . . . . .


In his research article titled “The Value Proposition of Patient Feedback”

(July/August 2011 issue of The Journal of Medical Practice Management),

Scott Ringgold found that attracting just one new patient

(or not losing an existing patient) is, on average,

worth $1,500 per year in billable fees

and this is before the effects of that patient sharing his or her good or bad experiences with others. He also found that healthcare practices lost five patients a week, and didn’t even know.

. . . . . . . . . .


148 prospective patients

visit a physician’s review site and go elsewhere. One of those lost patients would produce

more revenue than the annual cost of SayAh.

That lost potential (148 x $1500) adds up to $222,000 annually per provider!