SayAh is cost-effective and vital to your practice’s success. But, we understand it comes down to the bottom line.


On average, one additional patient a year provides you with more than $1,500 in billings. SayAh gives you a better opportunity to secure some of the 148 opportunities per provider that visit your review sites on the web and leave without making an appointment.

Low or nonperforming employees cost your practice. On average, physician productivity falls more than 25% after an acquisition. That could be costing your clinic more than $1,000 per day in revenue. SayAh allows you to discover and resolve the issues far more quickly.

Easy Training

15-minutes from installation to information.

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No Long-Term Contract Required

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Monthly Pricing is Negotiated Based on Number of Provider FTEs and Services to be Served with Consideration for Specialties and Market Size

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