SayAh provides easy-to-use surveys given at the end of an office visit or ancillary service to capture real time meaningful data and immediately turn that data into actionable management information.

SayAh was started by a physician who recognized the need for a practice tool that could digitally gather patient feedback in-office; analyze the data and produce reports to be used to improve professional and staff performance, patient service and patient satisfaction. The survey data would then be published to the Web in order to improve that provider’s online reputation.

The process begins with patient-friendly surveys that are easy to understand and administer.

The process continues with immediate data compilation and analysis which provides doctors and practice management with actionable information to resolve employee and patient issues real time.

The actionable information compiled by SayAh allows practice management teams to:


Enhance Practice Performance

Quickly Assimilate New Hires

Maintain Corporate Culture

Benchmark Performance at All Levels


Low performing and nonperforming staff (including providers) AND web reputations that are not reflective of your organization and its providers ... these problems are like those insidious diseases that may be out of control before any pain is felt.  If you already feel that pain, SayAh can help stop it. If you do not feel any pain, the issues may still be present and SayAh will help you isolate and remedy.  Either way, you need SayAh and it will pay for itself many times over.