Posting doc-patient reviews pays off

A recent article by Jaclyn Schiff written for the Modern Healthcare website,, basically drives home all the points why SayAh's Performance Management Tool was designed.

Jaclyn drives home the points in the MH strategies section. Two of those points are:

  • "an instrument that measures performance that is important to patients and is clinically relevant."

  • "share all results internally", to promote improvement via provider competition.

Some points that we have issues with are:

  • "Create an appeals process for physicians"

  • "Keep results private until they've been reviewed by individual physicians"

Our issues with this process are that the internal review management can skew actual results that are published. How will potential patients see these reviews that are collected, filtered and published by the very physician / clinic / hospital. It will be very difficult to maintain integrity in the public eye.

However, if this was managed by a third party like, SayAh's Performance Management Tool (and who says I'm not a good salesman) it should provide a couple of enhancements to the veracity of the reviews presented.

The benefits of SayAh's Performance Management Tool include the "an instrument that measures performance that is important to patients and is clinically relevant" and "the ability to share results internally". We also include,

  • immediate contact to designated personnel when a survey question response falls below a predetermined threshold (allows an opportunity to correct an issue quickly)

  • a central dashboard where statistics are updated realtime, including notifications of survey questions threshold breaches, entry of new surveys, review historical progress, etc.

  • provides a third party review site featuring organization level and/or individual provider webpage with reviews and survey results from verified patients

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